Moment terrorised McDonald’s staff barricade restaurant door after ejecting youths

Worried staff at a branch of McDonald’s were forced to barricade the door shut after kicking out a group troublemaking youngsters.

It came after the fast food chain announced it was banning all unaccompanied under-18s from its restaurant after 5pm in one of its restaurants in Liverpool due to a spate of attacks on staff.

The youths at the Chatham branch in Kent appeared to jump on tables, spit and swear at staff and hurl signs around.

As a result of the rampage, workers at the eatery had to get the customers, who all appeared to be children, to leave on Sunday at around 4.30pm.

The door to the McDonald’s was closed behind them and the entrance was barricaded with a floor sign.

A man who appeared to be a staff member forced two of the youngsters out the door, after two girls were seen in a video of the ruckus jumping on a table.

As staff barricaded the doors, a young girl waked behind a female employee and kicked the sign, just inches from where the worker who put it in the doorway was standing.

While the door was blocked, youngsters who were left inside the branch started arguing with staff until they were let out.

Once outside, a girl could be seen appearing to spit in the face of male McDonald’s worker as she stood by the entrance.

The reeling man seemed visibly shocked by the incident and wheeled away from the scene to start making a phone call.

The temporary ban on under-18s entering the restaurant after 5pm without an adult was recently brought into force at McDonald’s in Lord Street, Liverpool.

Restaurant bosses confirmed this move was due to a rise in staff being subjected to what was described as “verbal and physical abuse”.

A customer, who did not want to be named, filmed the chaos happening in Chatham – which was recently slated as the UK’s ‘slobbiest place’, with 64 per cent of people believing the town was “beyond rescuing”.

The woman said: “The kids were climbing up and down the stairs, picking up wet floor signs and hitting the floor with them.

“They were also throwing sauces from the second floor. The group even started on an Uber delivery guy. He got involved after the youths confronted a female worker who asked them to leave.”

She described how a young girl, who could be seen in the three-minute clip, spat on a male staff member, while others in the mob were captured climbing on tables and popping children’s balloons.

The viral footage received a huge response on social media, with many criticising the raucous youngsters.

One user said: “I would be absolutely mortified if that was my son. He would be in there cleaning the tables and toilets by way of an apology that’s for sure.

“I am lucky that I know my boy wouldn’t be one of those kids.”

Another person described the injustice against the McDonald’s team.

She said: “It’s so unfair on the staff. They really don’t get paid enough to have to do their job and babysit a bunch of disrespectful teens that think they can do what they want when they want.”

McDonald’s said police were investigating the incident and that the company has a zero-tolerance policy towards anti-social behaviour.

A spokesman for the US multi-national corporation said: “We are aware of an incident which took place at our Chatham restaurant and we are supporting the police with their investigation.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to anti-social behaviour both in and around our restaurants and we want to thank our team who acted quickly and professionally to ensure that our restaurant remained a welcoming and friendly environment for all.”

Chatham residents recently fought back against attacks on its reputation as being the “home of the chavs”.

A poll of more than 2,000 people last month found 64 per cent thought the town was ‘beyond rescuing’, 25 per cent said it was no worse than anywhere else, while 10 per cent were hopeful for the future of the historic town.

A survey carried out by the retail industry’s trade union Usdaw last year found rising numbers of staff are being subjected to abuse – and that the problem has become “endemic”, with nearly nine in 10 saying they suffered verbal abuse.