New details for fantasy farming sim Harvestella revealed

Square Enix has revealed some new details about its fantasy farming sim Harvestella, unveiled at Nintendo’s Direct Mini in June.

The Final Fantasy meets Stardew Valley meets Rune Factory game takes place across multiple seasons, with towns to match.

Square Enix has now revealed the gorgeous pink and purple cherry blossoms of spring town Nemea.

Nemea is also the residence of Istina, a newly announced character. She’s a teacher who looks after children in the town’s orphanage, though she has a secret past to uncover.

Part of the game involves adventuring, with access to multiple jobs in battle. Alongside the Fighter, Mage and Shadow Walker jobs is the Sky Lancer, who uses a spear for AoE wind attacks.

Your allies in battle will also have unique character stories – completing these increases your closeness, though it’s unclear if that will include romance.

Then there’s farming, with crops either sold for cash or used in cooking.

Spring crops include the Nemean Tomato, the Strawbuddy, and the… mouth-watering Cucumble and Wisty Peach.

The Square Enix blog also features a closer look at farming and food shipping.

Harvestella is due for release on Switch and Steam on 4th November.