‘Who Needs a Gym to Work Out’: Kriti Sanon’s Fitness Mantra Is What We All Need

Kriti Sanon’s love for fitness and health is quite evident from her Instagram posts. The 32-year-old actress recently shared her thoughts on fitness and how one can keep themselves motivated. “Who needs a gym to work out,” one of Kriti Sanon’s workout posts read on Instagram.

Speaking to the media, Sanon said that on days when she feels lazy and does not feel like working out, she tries to push herself. “You must always push and motivate yourself. Wear your shoes, get dressed, and just get to the gym, everything else gets easier,” she told the national daily. Sanon said that just getting to the gym is enough for one to feel motivated. However, Kriti added that if she genuinely does not have the time she makes sure that she at least does some stretches in her room or walks. “When I am on the phone, I subconsciously start walking, so I feel that walking is a big part of my personality.” The actress stressed the importance of adding movement to her routine and said that she opts for the stairs instead of the lift and if it is a small distance from her vanity van to the shoot set, she likes to walk.

Sanon told the media, “I feel like walking is the easiest, safest, and most basic exercise that we can do. A nice brisk walk of 20 to 30 minutes in a day moves your entire body and limbs.” The Mimi actress also added that as technology has taken over, people have stopped walking because there are convenient options like a lift, a car, and online shopping. “Everything is available and we don’t need to do much,” she said. However, the actress said that it is very important to start including walking in our daily routine as it helps the body to get posture, and it helps to move the joints.

In a recent Instagram Reel, the actress shared some of the exercises she hates but does them anyway for one cannot evolve in their comfort zone.